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Bihar Assembly Election Result - 2020
State-wise Target and Achievement for Houses Constructed under
Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin (PMAY-G) in India

(2016-2017 and 2017-2018)
(Figures in Nos.)
States/UTs 2016-2017 2017-2018
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 210 0 262 0
Andhra Pradesh 75054 30573 48058 13980
Arunachal Pradesh 9034 0 2187 0
Assam 219695 249721 40119 41797
Bihar 637658 693912 538959 244200
Chhattisgarh 232903 124978 206372 306904
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 304 0 801 0
Daman and Diu 54 0 27 0
Goa 761 594 - 7
Gujarat 113595 39840 91108 26316
Haryana 25556 16866 12886 7602
Himachal Pradesh 4874 4463 2511 2651
Jammu and Kashmir 17020 3136 21752 164
Jharkhand 230855 143545 159052 147867
Karnataka 93065 80123 52284 37937
Kerala 32559 71063 9872 11032
Lakshadweep 57 0 - 0
Madhya Pradesh 448147 367309 389532 622348
Maharashtra 230422 136869 150934 122656
Manipur 9740 869 - 602
Meghalaya 17030 7059 3715 1640
Mizoram 4806 537 1794 807
Nagaland 8481 933 - 13
Odisha 396102 76390 340498 323743
Puducherry 0 0 - 0
Punjab 24469 2462 6615 737
Rajasthan 250258 107879 223629 213313
Sikkim 1957 754 - 248
Tamil Nadu 176338 144877 130214 103790
Telangana 50959 2759 19715 0
Tripura 23730 7084 1259 2534
Uttar Pradesh 575258 478252 396594 645809
Uttarakhand 10861 8711 4915 5610
West Bengal 436512 421091 374629 503095
India 4358325 3222649 3230293 3387402
Selected State-wise Target and Achievement of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
(Length of Road Constructed) under 20-Point Programme in India

(2017-2018-upto December 2017)
(In Kilometre)
States/UTs Target Achievement Percentage Achievement
2017-2018 Apr.-Dec. 2017
Andhra Pradesh 500 375 120 32
Arunachal Pradesh 1200 900 693 77
Assam 2000 1500 404 27
Bihar 7000 5250 2297 44
Chhattisgarh 2000 1500 509 34
Goa - - 0 -
Gujarat 50 36 28 78
Haryana 50 36 40 110
Himachal Pradesh 1700 1275 1341 105
Jammu and Kashmir 1800 1350 1033 76
Jharkhand 5000 3750 2246 60
Karnataka 66 48 44 93
Kerala 534 399 153 38
Madhya Pradesh 6200 4650 3262 70
Maharashtra 1400 1050 286 27
Manipur 1000 750 341 45
Meghalaya 450 336 76 23
Mizoram 500 375 43 11
Nagaland 50 36 63 174
Odisha 7000 5250 3372 64
Punjab 950 711 723 102
Rajasthan 3200 2119 2201 104
Sikkim 400 300 230 77
Tamil Nadu 1500 1125 1059 94
Telangana 500 375 218 58
Tripura 650 486 189 39
Uttarakhand 2000 1500 888 59
Uttar Pradesh 5200 3900 1816 47
West Bengal 3500 2625 1093 42
India 56400 42007 24767 59
Scheme-wise Budget Allocation for Welfare of Minorities in India
(2017-2018 and 2018-2019)
(Rs. in Crore)
 Scheme/Programme Budget Estimates
2017-2018 2018-2019
A. Empowerment    
A.1. Educational Empowerment    
Pre-Matric Scholarship 950.00  980.00 
Post-Matric Scholarship 550.00  692.00 
Merit-cum-Means Based Scholarship 393.54  522.00 
Maulana Azad National Fellowship Scheme 100.00  153.00 
Interest Subsidy on Educational Loans for Overseas Studies 8.00  24.00 
Free Coaching & Allied Scheme 48.00  74.00 
Support for Students Clearing Prelims Conducted by UPSC, SSC,
State Public Service Commissions etc.
4.00  8.00 
A.2. Economic Empowerment    
Skill Development Initiatives 250.00  250.00 
Upgrading Skill and Training in Traditional Arts/Crafts for Development (USTTAD) 22.00  30.00 
Nai Manzil 175.95  140.00 
Equity of NMDFC 170.00  165.02 
A.3. Special Initiatives for Empowerment    
Leadership Development of Minority Women 15.00  15.00 
Scheme for Containing Population Decline of Small Minority Ommunity 2.00  4.00 
Hamari Dharohar 12.00  6.00 
Research/Studies, Monitoring, Evaluation and Publicity 50.00  55.00 
B. Area Development Programmes    
Multi-Sectoral Development Programme (MSDP) 1200.00  1320.00 
C. Support to Institutions    
Maulana Azad Education Foundation (MAEF) 113.00  125.01 
Grants-in-Aid to Scas of NMDFC 2.00  2.00 
Computerisation of Records of State WAQF Boards 3.30  -
Strengthening of State WAQF Boards 9.70  16.94 
Secretariat 17.66  19.14 
National Commission for Minorities (NCM) 8.41  8.62 
Special Officer for Linguistic Minorities (CLM) 2.74  2.32 
Grants-in-Aid to WAQF 3.18  3.16 
Haj CGI Jeddah 78.00  76.79 
Haj Secretariat 7.00  8.00 
Total 4195.48  4700.00 
State-wise Number of Beneficiaries under National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) in India
States/UTs Indira
Old Age
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 5924 1504 301 86 560
Andhra Pradesh 662641 245607 24413 10906 54354
Arunachal Pradesh 29290 3565 1284 346 1840
Assam 707927 137463 18916 8524 25308
Bihar 2996472 634695 126156 35859 166600
Chandigarh 5111 942 204 80 440
Chhattisgarh 644429 260625 32085 12801 24196
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 8058 1388 254 95 358
Daman and Diu 840 470 66 24 80
Delhi 119403 36361 6321 2270 8040
Goa 13059 8160 468 225 420
Gujarat 580706 218395 33537 10695 35377
Haryana 258583 57149 11537 4154 -
Himachal Pradesh 98368 17979 3125 684 2644
Jammu and Kashmir 139325 8334 2789 435 10220
Jharkhand 993567 272108 31286 14148 54939
Karnataka 966595 465363 43639 18312 -
Kerala 449158 209236 29935 4358 36904
Lakshadweep 569 285 51 9 60
Madhya Pradesh 1569627 536412 99924 30826 -
Maharashtra 1350000 100000 50000 34987 108000
Manipur 56045 8043 1007 669 3320
Meghalaya 77980 8498 969 781 3580
Mizoram 25251 1925 400 197 1000
Nagaland 44530 3720 960 535 2600
Odisha 1418631 528570 90754 24697 64800
Puducherry 17713 9785 1259 283 1580
Punjab 201039 42187 6473 2673 -
Rajasthan 799636 278712 56854 12347 47500
Sikkim 16418 1614 817 175 960
Tamil Nadu 1237809 549084 79316 18445 66388
Telangana 473575 175530 17448 7794 38846
Tripura 141510 17927 2144 984 5740
Uttar Pradesh 4345014 991784 182823 73075 -
Uttarakhand 239498 95313 14386 4808 -
West Bengal 1423192 644590 86750 21553 65068
India 22117493 6573323 1058651 358840 831722
Estimated Population
28 January 2021
(Estimated as of now)
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